We search Google for something every day. Many of us may not know what is the right way to search Google? If we know about this then we can easily find the information we want. And for those of us who don’t know about this, this article is going to be very important. Because here I will discuss it in detail.

Google is one of the best search engines in the world. If we search any information we need on Google, it immediately comes in front of us. When we search for anything, Google brings it to us. However, if we do not search on Google properly. Then we will not get the information we want.

In order to get the information we want, we have to search on Google according to the correct rules. Then we will get our desired information. Then let’s talk about work without exaggerating.

Google search rules

Use the search tab

When we search for something on Google, there are many tabs at the bottom of the Google search box. Such as web, images, maps, videos, news. If we are looking for images then we need to use the Image tab. If we are looking for a video here, we need to use the Video tab.

Again if we find news then we have to use news tab. If we search using the tab, we will easily get the information we want. This will save us a lot of time and we will get the desired information.

What is the Right way to Search on Google

To find the desired information from any particular website

We often need to find any information from a particular website. This is very easy. We need to know the information from that particular website. What to use on that website. Simply put, I think we need to know more about Android from myprotrick.com.

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If you first search our myprotrick.com website, all the information on this website will come in front of us. Then from here we want to get the information of which category. We will get the information as soon as we go to that category.

To find the file in the specified format

We often need to find files of different formats. Presentation requires information and it needs PowerPoint .ppt format. What do we do now? We will get numerous PowerPoint topic based presentations on the internet. But how to find out.

If we just search with presentation topic then it will not be found. In order to get this information, we have to adopt certain methods. We need to enter .ppt by writing the topic we are looking for. If we need a pdf format file here, we will write pdf. Then our desired information will come in front of us.

Calculator, stop watch, timer, converter

Google is a search engine that provides us with important and useful information very easily. Google is not just for finding information, Google search engine has many more functional features. Using Google we can get information like calculator, stop watch, timer, converter etc.

If we want, we can easily find out someone else’s age from here. We can get what we need through Google search. But we have to search in the right way to get the desired information. From these we understand what is the right way to search Google.

We can omit any word using hyphens

If we search using hyphens to avoid confusion, it will be much easier to find the information we want to find. Suppose we want to see an animal called jaguar. But if we search by typing jaguar, we can see the cars of jagaur company. So we have to search by typing jagaur -car so that the cars don’t come. In this way only the jagaur animal will come in front of us.

Understand similar websites

Many times we need to find similar websites. We can use related keywords to open similar websites. By doing this, our desired websites will come easily.

Using quotations

When searching for something on Google, we can use quotations to correct Google’s guess. We will search when we put something inside the quotation. Then you will find the whole sentence inside the quotation. This makes it much easier for us to find the right information.

Finding the location

We can easily find the location of any place from Google. First we have to write the location and give the name of the place we want to get the location. Then the location we are looking for will come in front of us. From these I understood what is the right way to search in Google.

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