We are all familiar with computers or smartphones. Most of our time is spent on computers or mobile phones. But even then, many of us don’t know in detail what an operating system is and how it works. Those of us who use computers and mobile phones constantly.

But we have no idea what the operating system is. This article is going to be very important for them. Because I will discuss about it in detail through this article. We can learn more about it through this article. So read the whole article carefully. So let’s get to the basics.

What is the operating system

Operating system is two English words. It simply means that it is a program or software. Which combines computer hardware and software according to user instructions. This operating system works for the processing of various input output databases of the computer. Through this operating system the computer works according to its instructions.

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Functions of the operating system

The operating system is call the lifeblood of a computer. That is why one is so important. Just as people cannot live without villages, so can a computer without an operating system. Its tasks are quite complicat. Its functions can generally be divid into four parts.

What is the Operating System and How it Works

1. Processor management

We can see that a computer has multiple processes at the same time. The main function of the operating system is to determine when a process will be used for functional purposes. It does the most important work at this time. Because if he doesn’t determine. Then our process will not be complete.

2. Memory management

The computer’s file storage RAM is loaded during any process. Here it is said that the operating system determines how much space a process holds in memory and how it is used. Keep an eye on them.

3. Storage management

Another major function of the operating system is to convert the system’s storage into files. Here the operating system determines how much space the storage will work with in any situation.

4. Security

When one process of the computer is working, it takes care that the process is not interrupted by another. At the same time, it ensures the security of every computer.

How many types of operating system

We can basically divide the operating system into four parts. It depends on the control of the computer and what kind of application it supports.

1. Real time operating system

These operating systems control the system. The most important function of this operating system is to manage the resources of a computer. It is effective when a task is processed on a computer.

2. Single user single task

From this name maybe we can understand a little bit what kind of work it is. It is designed to operate a computer. Users will be able to use it effectively once.

3. Single user multitasking

At present this type of operating system is more commonly used on computer desktops or laptops. We know that Microsoft has been used in both the operating system and Apple’s Mac operating system. It allows single user to launch different programs at the same time. Which is a big advantage of this operating system.

4. Multi user

Multi-user operating system is a widely used operating system. The big advantage of the operating system is that it can provide resource benefits to many individual users at once. There are many more such operating systems.

How the operating system works

Many times we don’t even know how much we keep open while working on the computer display. This is because we work with many openings together. These are basically the work of the operating system. The computer immediately opens its name and hard disk when the power goes on.

At this time the RAM and hard disk in the computer indicates the kernel. And the kernel indicates the operating system of the computer. When we click on a browser to browse something. Then the operating system indicates the kernel. The kernel again indicates the RAM and hard disk in the computer.

Harddisk finds the location of that browser. Kernel K instructs the browser to open. The kernel then passes that command back to the operating system. Then our browser opens. These things happen in a very short time that we can’t even imagine.

The importance of the operating system

The operating system is the most important software installed on the computer. It doesn’t just act as a computer’s processor controller. This helps to make the most of the graphics and memory power in the hardware. The biggest thing is if we do not install the operating system on a computer.

Then the whole computer will be in a state of disrepair. Because if a computer does not have an operating system, it will never be possible to turn it on. To do any kind of work, we must first install this operating system. From these we can easily understand what the operating system is and how it works.

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