Many of us may not know what the internet is. Although we use the internet almost all the time. Today I will discuss in detail the pros and cons of how the Internet works. Which will help us to take our knowledge one step further. The biggest discovery of the present time is the internet.

Which has made human life diverse. We often do all the daily work through the internet. The advent of the Internet has made many of our tasks easier. If we read the whole article carefully, we will understand everything.

What is the Internet ? The Pros and Cons of How the Internet Works

History of the Internet

The history of the Internet dates back to 1950. When Professor Leonard Krinerk needed to send some data from his research to another research center. From the 1960 to the 1980, the Internet was use in small packages. However, the commercial Internet system was introduc between 1980 and 1990.

The idea is that the Internet system was fully launch in 1995. Research on more advance networking systems began in the 1990s. Discovered as a result of hard work. Optical fiber is another medium for high speed data exchange.

What is the Internet ? The Pros and Cons of How the Internet Works

What is the Internet

We people of almost all ages use the internet. But most of us don’t know what the internet is. In the interest of explanation, I am giving an example. I think the internet is a fishing net. We can easily catch the fish inside this net.

Because the fish are inside the fire. The internet is such a fishing net. This person cannot be see or caught. It surrounds the whole world. We can communicate with each other very easily through internet. We are the fish inside this internet net.

How the Internet works

The computer connects to it on a local network. These local networks connect to each other to form the Internet. In this case, first a computer is connect through its own modem or various Internet service providers. It is later link to another Internet service provider.

The ISP connections from one ISP to another ISP are remove from the local area and connect to the optical fiber at the bottom of the sea. Then data from one person’s personal computer enters another computer’s modem. The first data transfer from a mobile is to a nearby tower and then to an ISP server.

Internet usage

Any information or document can be sent from one end of the world to the other in a matter of moments via the Internet. I use different search engines to find any information. The information I get from would not have been possible without the internet.

We can instantly communicate from one country to another through the internet. I can talk to them in video calls or voice calls. The Internet is a great platform for business. This is why big e-commerce sites are now known all over the world. I enjoy many more benefits from these e-commerce sites.

The pros and cons of the internet

We all know that just as there is a good side to everything, there is also a bad side. There are some good aspects of the internet that will look bad. Almost everyone we use the internet. This time I will talk about its advantages and disadvantages.

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The benefits of the Internet

The Internet is a medium of international communication. It can be use to communicate with any person from far and wide very quickly and between commos. Helps a lot in studying. Now a variety of online base courses can be done sitting at home.

The internet is a center of entertainment. Any kind of entertainment is available here. It can be use to visit any remote area in a blink of an eye. Through this it is possible to provide emergency health care. Moreover, from various online based e-commerce sites, everything can be purchased at home.

The evils of the Internet

The Internet creates online-based addicts. This addiction is such that we like to be on the internet all the time. Which wastes our precious time. Because of this addiction, many teenagers go to the Internet without studying. By doing so, their future life is ruined. Their studies were disrupted. Due to this the distance from everyone in the family increases.

As a result, he is interested in doing various forbidden things. As a result, the youth are facing destruction. Because of this many people are involved in various online based misdeeds.What is the Internet ? The Pros and Cons of How the Internet Works.

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