Those who want to work online need to know one thing, What are Domains and Hosting, How many types and What are the Details. You need to know exactly how domain-hosting works. For those who want to know more about domain-hosting,

this post is going to be a very important post.  Because here we will discuss in detail about domain-hosting.  Knowing these will be of great benefit to us to work online.  The internet is like an ocean.  There are countless websites like the countless waters of this ocean.  How do you get your website out of these countless websites?

Many may think that it is very easy.  When we just go to the browser of computer or smartphone and enter the name of our website, our website comes in front of us.  Each website has an IP address or a name that is call a domain.

What is a domain

A domain is basically an address.  Simply put, when we search the internet for something.  Then what we type is  Basically this is the address of Google.  And this is what is call domain.

What are Domains and Hosting How many types and What are the Details

Initially, IP addresses were use to find websites.  It takes a lot of trouble to find any website with an IP address.  It is very difficult to remember the IP address correctly.

So a name is give for the convenience of remembering the IP address.  Basically this name is call K domain.

What is hosting

Those of us who have a website need to keep this website running 24 hours a day.  Hosting is used to ensure that visitors to our website can visit from anywhere in the world.  Basically we need to keep our website up and running 24 hours a day in 365 days.

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But have we thought that we can keep our computer running for 365 days and 24 hours?  Undoubtedly, it will not be possible for us to do this.  There are many service providers that keep their computers running 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.  If the service provider puts different content on our website, it is called hosting.  There are many large hosting companies that will allow you to post our website on their computers for a fee.

Many of you may think that we have our own computer.  Then why should we take someone else’s computer for money.  If for some reason our computer is off then our website will also be off.  We can’t keep our computer running all the time.  So we have to buy and use hosting. What are domains and hosting, how many types and what are the details.

How many types of hosting and what

There are two main types of hosting.

1.  Free hosting

If you want to develop a web site experimentally, you can use free hosting.  Hosting companies will give us free services in free hosting. However, if we want to develop a web site commercially,

then it is better not to use free hosting.  Free hosting will suspend the website if there are more visitors to our website.  Moreover, security free unlimited bandwidth email account load shedding on free hosting will not be a good speed.

2.  Premier Hosting

If we want to buy premium hosting, we have to buy with money.  Premium hosting can be further divided into four parts.

1.  Shared hosting
2.  VPS hosting
3.  Dedicated hosting
4.  Reseller hosting

What is a domain transfer

Before opening a website, first you have to fix the name or domain of the website.  For this you have to register the domain from the domain office.  When registering a domain, the domain company subscribes to the website and provides some facilities for it.

Many times we have seen that our service providers do not like us.  For this we change the registered domain and give it to another service provider.  This is called domain transfer.

What is VPS hosting

VPS is a virtual service provider.  The hosting system’s computer is made up of several servers through a special software.  Each of the servers is called VPS.  The service providers in the DPS system will give you the same hard disk RAM and CPU as our personal computers.

Since we have to go to the computer in this system in a different way.  So our site will have a lot of secrets and many visitors will not actually slow down our site.

Shared hosting

Here the service provider company leases space from one of their computer hard disks to the user.  I think we need 3 GB hosting space.  All we have to do here is buy 3GB space from a shared hosting provider for a specified period of time.

We will be able to store various data, content, images, videos, articles, etc. on the website in the shared hosting space purchased at this particular time.  No. The rest of the hosting service provider company on the hard disk from where I bought 3 GB hosting will be able to sell and rent somewhere else.

Thus, when many people buy hosting from the same hard disk, it is called shared hosting.  This shared hosting has some advantages and disadvantages.  Then through this article we will know, what are domains and hosting, how many types and what are the details.

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