Ways to keep your Facebook account secure. Most people nowadays are familiar with Facebook. Because people of almost all ages use Facebook.

Facebook users use some of their personal information on Facebook. Which is why this Facebook needs to be kept safe. Because of our own, our Facebook became insecure. Due to this, some users of Facebook have decreased.

Because almost anyone’s information can be collect from Facebook very easily. There are also many Facebook accounts that can be easily take over by another person. There have been many such incidents. So before using Facebook, you need to have an idea about Facebook control.

Those who do not know exactly about this. Today’s article is going to be very important for them. Because through this you will get a detailed idea about it.

Ways to keep your Facebook account secure

The first condition to keep Facebook safe is security and login. If we can get an idea about it then we will understand pretty much everything.

Ways to Keep Your Facebook Account Secure

Password : Since we have some personal information on Facebook. So we need to keep Facebook safe. There is a password for the Facebook user. This Facebook password should not be used or shared anywhere else.

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The rules for using passwords are at least eight. Of these eight numbers, some lowercase letters and some uppercase letters must be used. No one will be able to understand it easily.

There are many people who use their name, address, date of birth, etc. as a password. It is best not to use such a password.

Login : Facebook ID cannot be logged anywhere other than Facebook. Many times scammers create websites and ask you to login with Facebook username and password.

In this case, first of all we should look at the URL of that website. Simply put, you can’t login to a Facebook ID anywhere other than facebook.com. Many times you have to login to someone else’s computer or mobile phone for various reasons.

In that case, you must log out of Facebook ID at the end of using Facebook. If we forget to log it out, we need to login to Facebook from our mobile or computer.

Then go to Facebook settings and go to Security and Login settings. From there, we have to remove the latest device from which we have used Facebook.

Accepting friendships

Facebook always advises never to confirm a stranger as a friend. Many times hackers can spam your timeline with false friend identities. Or send you a hacking message to your inbox. We must be aware of these at all times.


The browsers we use on our phones or computers may be attacked by special code. If there are any messages from our account that are automatically sent to others or posts that we did not make or you suspect that you did not do so.

Or you have not installed any apps on your phone or computer but the apps have been installed automatically. Then you must be careful. Then we need to understand that there is a problem with our Facebook account.

At this time we should update the browsers. By doing this, the Facebook account will be safe.

Do not enter suspicious links

Receive emails, messenger messages, or posts from any of our friends or acquaintances that do not match his normal behavior. It is best to avoid these without clicking on them.

For example, a Facebook friend may have given you a link that has no meaning. At this time he has to talk about this by sending a separate SMS. There is no way to click on these links.

Facebook authorities have advised to avoid these links at all times. Many experts say that no Facebook account is a completely secure account. Phone numbers are used when creating an account.

These phones are monitored by the authorities. They can control or control these accounts if they want. So we should not give our information on Facebook completely.

No one else will get even a little bit by doing this. From these we learned the way to keep Facebook account safe.

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