At present, smartphones are not a luxury product. It serves as an important and necessary part of our lives. Things to consider before buying a smartphone. We are in danger when it comes to buying smartphones.

Because there are so many smartphones in the market that we don’t know which one is best for us. That’s why you should have some idea about before buying a smartphone. Those who are in such a dilemma conflict. Today’s post will help them a lot.

Because today I will let you know through this post that there are things to consider before buying a smartphone. Those who have no idea about this should read this post in full. Then you will get at least a little idea.

Things to consider before buying a smartphone.

1. Design

The first important thing when buying a smartphone is its design. At present, there are various types of smartphones available in the market. That’s why I have to decide in advance which design will be better for me.

Things to Consider before Buying a Smartphone

We should choose the design of the smartphone according to our personal needs and tastes. This is a completely personal matter. You can take the design that you like. Before buying a smartphone, it is very important for us to know these things.

2. Display

It is a must have good quality display on the smartphone. The current time smartphones are available, their display is 5 to 6 inches. How many inches of display you take is up to you.

If you like playing more videos and games on your smartphone, then it is better to take a big display. That’s why we should at least take the HD quality display. Now there is a 4K resolution display smartphone.

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If we buy a smartphone with a good quality display, we will have a lot of fun watching videos and playing games.

3. Operating system

Before buying a smartphone, you have to think about which operating system to buy the smartphone. Operating system is an important aspect of this smartphone. The operating system of a smartphone is basically the same as that of a computer operating system.

We interact with this operating system every day. Google’s operating system Android OS is currently the most popular operating system. Apple has another operating system iOS. It is also a very popular operating system. However, the most used is the Android operating system. The main reason is that it is a completely free operating system.

Simply put, any company can use it. We get all the modern features in Google’s Android powered smartphones. Which is why we get any of these apps very easily. Apple’s operating system-powered smartphones have fewer users, so its apps are less available.

4. Processor

The lifeblood of a smartphone is its processor. The whole of the smartphone processes it. Meanwhile we also say chipset. A powerful processor is needed to process the data of a smart phone quickly. The more powerful the processor of the smart phone.

It will be able to do any work being done so fast. The processor’s performance depends on the clock speed, which number also depends on a few more things. Currently several companies make processors. These are Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung, Huawei, Apple, MediaTek. MediaTek is ahead in terms of number of users. However, considering the performance, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon is ahead.

However, Samsung’s Exynos, Huawei’s Kirin, Apple’s processors only use their own smartphones. There are many good processors for those of us who are interested in multitasking and gaming on smartphones.

Now Qualcomm Snapdragon 65, 655, 645, 635, 630, 612, 60; Samsung’s Exynos 9825, 9820, 9810, 695, 690, MediaTek Helio P95, P90, P60, X30 etc. are known as very good quality processors.

5. GPU

Before buying a smartphone, you need to look at GPU issues, among other things. This is the GPU or graphics processing unit. This helps the smartphone battery work faster. GPU is involved in gaming performance, frame rate, graphics.

Because you need to have good publicity as well as good GPU. Currently 650, 640, 630; Mali G-6, G-6 G-72 This GPU is of very good quality. When buying a smartphone you need to buy a good quality GPU smartphone. Because later we will not be able to change this GPU anymore.

6. Ram

Another important factor when buying a smartphone is the ram of the smartphone. ram is something that helps a smartphone process and apps work faster. Ram this is basically a temporary memory.

The more RAM the smartphone has, the more work can be done on the smartphone and many apps can be run simultaneously in the background. The price of the smart phone that has more RAM is a little higher.

So we have to buy a smartphone according to the amount of RAM we need. In order to get the smartly performance of a smartphone, its ram must be higher. So we have to keep this in mind before buying a smartphone.

7. camera

The camera of a smartphone is very important. The camera has improved a lot than before. The cameras that are used today are of a much better quality. Earlier smartphones had a front and rear camera.

But now his number has changed. There are many of us who think that the higher the resolution and megapixels of the smartphone, the better the picture will look. But this idea is wrong. How good or bad the image taken by the camera will be depends on the aperture, sensor, lens, etc.

The lower the aperture of the camera, the more light the camera will be able to capture. Therefore, it is often seen that a low megapixel lamp can take much better quality pictures. Here are the things to consider when buying a smartphone.

8. Battery

One of the most important things when buying a smartphone is its battery. Because no matter how good our smartphone is. If its battery capacity is low then everything will be in vain.

Smartphones are very high configuration so they run out of charge very quickly. That’s why we have to keep the battery in mind. Almost all the smart phones that are available now have batteries in the range of four to five thousand milliamperes.

For those who are heavy users of smartphones, I would definitely recommend a battery at four to five thousand milliamperes. In addition to having a high battery capacity, it is also important to keep in mind whether it supports phonetic quick charger.

Because it takes a long time to charge such a battery. So I learned from these, things to consider before buying a smartphone.

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