At present, mobile phone is the daily companion of people. There are many of us who can’t eat for a day but can’t live for a moment without our mobile phone. The main reason for this is that mobile phones have made our means of communication much easier.The Evil of using Mobile Phone at Night.

Entertainment is available through mobile phone not just communication. These tasks can be done very easily by playing video games on mobile phones. Due to this, teenagers are becoming more addicted to mobile phones. They may not know that using this extra mobile phone is damaging the brain, mind and body.

A University of California study found that people who stay up late are more likely to become depressed and at risk for dementi.

Harmful aspects of using mobile phone at night :

Interrupts sleep

There are many of us who use extra mobile phones. Their brain secretes a hormone called melatonin from the pylon glands that interferes with sleep. Many scientists have suggest in many ways that mobile phone use should be avoid two to three hours before going to bed at night. It is very easy to sleep.

The Evil of using Mobile Phone at Night

Rhythm in the normality of the body

Excessive use of mobile phones while waking up at night results in body rhythm decline. The normal functioning of the body is disrupt. The irreparable damage to the body as a result is long-term. The rhythm of the human body occurs in a natural way. Its rhythm includes work day and night sleep.

But as we wake up at night our hormonal changes cause temperature variations, brain activity changes drastically can be noticed. Which is extremely harmful to our body.

Immunity is reduce

A healthy man goes from depth to depth every 90 minutes, according to a journal from Harvard Medical College. When a person falls into a deep sleep, his physical changes change. Helps to increase immunity.

Irregular sleep disrupts sleep steps which makes people unable to go to deep sleep. This reduces the body’s resistance to disease. Due to which we are affected by various diseases at this time.

The Evil of using Mobile Phone at Night

Eye problems

Using mobile phones for hours on end at night can cause eye problems. This is because the blue rays of the mobile phone catch the eye directly. It hurts the eyes a lot of the time. If it continues like this for a long time, the vision of the precious eye decreases.

Blue light from a mobile phone display destroys the retinal capacity of the eye. As a result, we often suffer from such eye problems. If we knew the evils of using mobile phones in the middle of the night, we would not use mobile phones anymore.

Causes stress

It is seen that most of the time teenagers are busy with Facebook chatting, playing games and talking on mobile phones with their mobile phones. Studies have shown that those of us who use mobile phones most of the time. This is why we often suffer from severe stress and fatigue. As a result, we get various mental disorders.

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In addition to these, various other problems can occur

As a result of using mobile phones for a long time, our mood becomes very irritable. Which makes us a little angry. Attention to reading decreases. Headache and watery eyes. Relationships with family are ruined. We have to give up the habit of using mobile phones at night.

Mobile phones should be kept out of our reach for two to three hours of sleep at night. Through work, we easily understood the evils of using a mobile phone at night.The Evil of using Mobile Phone at Night.

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