Today’s technology has made our standard of living much easier and more comfortable. I have achieved such benefits by using this technology. There are also some very good ones. Many of us may not know about the evils of excessive mobile phone use.The disadvantages of using extra mobile phones are many.

It can be said that the whole world is now in the hands of the Internet. There are some small devices to bring the whole world in the palm of your hand. One of them is mobile phone.

One study found that people who use extra mobile phones experience a variety of physical and emotional changes. In today’s post I will tell you what are the disadvantages of using extra mobile phones.

The disadvantages of using extra mobile phones

Smartphone addiction

A study in America found that most students use mobile phones for an average of about 10 to 11 hours. These are the times when browsing the internet, messaging, gaming, etc.

The Disadvantages of Using Extra Mobile Phones

work on different social media. An interesting thing is that as long as they talk using mobile, they spend half of their time on social media and do not talk to anyone.

Another study found that three out of every five mobile phone users in the United States could not have checked their phone for more than an hour. The situation is almost the same for mobile phone users around the world. If someone is told that they have to stay without a mobile phone, then I don’t think they can stay.

Backpain problem

The back pain problem of our young society has increased abnormally in the last few decades. One study found that 45 percent of young people between the ages of 16 and 24 suffer from a variety of spinal problems, including back pain.

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The reason for this, the study said, is that it is due to the increased pressure on the spine, which is 60 percent more than before. Mobile phones are being blam for this. When we use a mobile phone, there is a pressure of about 50 pounds on our spine.

Which is equal to the weight of a healthy normal seven year old child. The harms are more with the use of extra mobile phone.

Sight problems

A significant downside to excessive mobile phone use is that it damages our eyesight. The blue light coming out of the mobile phone causes severe damage to the eyes. And if we use excessive amount of mobile phone then vision is reduced.

This is call macular degeneration in medicine. It slowly pushes a healthy person towards blindness. The blue light coming out of the mobile phone falls directly on our eyes and the retina of the eye is damag when we use it too close.

A survey found that 55 percent of people admitted that they felt uncomfortable in their eyes when they used a mobile phone for a while. To save our precious eyes, we should use less mobile phones.

Nerve problems

Using a mobile phone causes serious nerve problems in us. We have nerve connections from the spinal cord to the brain due to excessive mobile phone use.

These are compressed and damaged in other ways. As a result, we may have migraine problems with severe headaches. To avoid these problems, we should use less mobile phones.

Anxiety or frustration

Using a mobile phone is not the only cause of physical and mental problems. This can lead to anxiety and depression. When we browse differently on social media, many people give different updates on their social media.

Seeing these updates, we have various kinds of mental pain. May be created. These reduce the ability to accept one’s own failures and try. Which at one time caused frustration.

Also a variety of online gaming games do not allow us to do the necessary work smoothly. These actions always keep people away from society socially.

Sleep disturbances

A 2013 survey found that 63 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 29 carry mobile phones to bed before going to bed. Because of this we use mobile phones many nights.

When mobile phones are used for many nights, I don’t want to fall asleep anymore. And because of this lack of sleep, various diseases start attacking. Gradually the body begins to weaken. The body’s resistance to disease is reduced.

But we do not understand that these symptoms appear very slowly. But when it comes down to it, we don’t have to do anything. That is why we should use less mobile phones.

Hearing loss

One of the detrimental aspects of extra mobile phones is hearing loss. Usually, browsing the internet and setting up social media does not reduce hearing at work. However, when we play games on headphones or listen to music on mobile phones while playing games with headphones, our ears are severely damaged.

There are small thin objects inside the ear. It sends signals to the brain through the nerves all the time. When we hear different sounds through the headphones, these nerves start to get damaged. Words that are usually above 80 decimals damage our ears. The headphones we use here have a volume of up to 105 decimals.

Listening to music at such a high volume for 4 minutes continuously causes severe damage to the ears. So we should use less mobile phone headphones to protect our ears. I learned about the evils of using extra mobile phones.

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