The number of people who do not use Android mobile is very low. One of the main reasons behind the use of Android phones by people of all ages is the variety of convenient features. There have been some disadvantages as well as advantages with Android phones. Some Tips to Solve all the Problems of Android Mobile Phone.

We understand this when we use Android phones. After a few days we have to read in various problems. Today I have come up with some tips to solve all the problems of Android mobile phones. Through which we can solve all the problems very easily. Today I will talk about the problems that everyone usually encounters. I will also tell you how to solve these. Some Tips to Solve all the Problems of Android Mobile Phone. So let’s get to the basics now.

What is an Android phone

Android is an operating system that was first created by the Silicon Valley Company under the name Android. It was develop in 2007 through the Open Handset Alliance led by Google. The Android operating system is based on modifications to the Linux kernel and other open source software. The latest updated version of Android is Android Ten.

Some Tips to Solve all the Problems of Android Mobile Phone

Android phone speed is low

For those of us who use Android phones, one thing we notice is that playing games for a long time is more difficult. There are some apps on Android phones that can easily increase the speed of the Android phone by removing the overload of the set CPU and processor. It is better not to use the apps for a long time. Because these apps have the ability to destroy the phone’s processor. So these apps cannot be used unless necessary. And when you use it, you must keep this in mind.

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Android phone virus

We spend most of our time browsing the net with Android phones. At this time, Android phones are more likely to attack the virus. We can download the updated antivirus on the phone to prevent a virus attack. There are many popular antiviruses today. If we want, we can download the antivirus of our choice.

The battery runs out quickly

A big problem with Android phones is that they run out of charge very quickly. There are some reasons for this. As this is a configuration processor, its charge ends quickly. However, if we keep the data connection on all day, use the live wallpapers, running many apps at once. In that case the battery runs out more quickly. For this we can keep the battery saving mode of Android phone on. I can reduce the brightness of the display. If you uninstall the apps of the operation, the charge will be less. We can keep the data connection on when we need it without having to keep the data connection on all the time.

The phone overheats

There are many reasons why Android phones get hot. This is why we need to make sure that it is being charged properly. Net connection should not be provided while the phone is charging. This makes the Android phone even hotter. The brightness of the display cannot be used excessively as it warms up the phone.

Android phone hangs

We have noticed many times that our Android phone suddenly hangs. Then the mobile phone does not work anymore. In such a situation, the battery of the mobile phone has to be opened and the mobile phone has to be turned on again. And if the battery is not removable then you have to press the power button and reboot.

WiFi is not connected

This problem occurs when the system user interface of the Android phone stops working. At this time we can reset the phone or reset the phone by deleting all the files of Apps All Apps from the settings of the phone. If you follow these tips to solve all the problems of Android mobile phone, you can get the solution from this problem.

Google Play Store Crash

Many times we notice that when we work in the Play Store, the Play Store suddenly crashes. In this case, if we delete the file in the plaster from the settings to apps and from apps to all apps, it will be fine.

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