Mobile phones have made our communication system much better and easier. All the time we are communicating with the people we know through mobile phones. For this communication we have to rely on different mobile phone operators or service providers. The cost for this is a lot. In this age of information technology, we can reduce this cost if we want to. I cost can be reduced a lot by using some of the best free calling apps for Android.

At present almost everyone has a smartphone. And on smartphones we use data packs for various reasons. By installing apps on smartphones, we can communicate for free with the data pack.

The best free calling apps on Android

1. WhatsApp messenger

One of the popular apps on Android is WhatsApp. We can use this app to send unlimited SMS and talk in groups. Moreover, using this app, we can make free calls. But for that we have to have data pack or WiFi connection in our smart phone. This app also has the facility to share voice message document video. Using this app, we communicate very easily. It came to the Play Store in 2010. Which has gained a lot of popularity now.

Some of the Best Free Calling Apps for Android

2. IMO

Among the free calling apps, imo is one of the most popular Android mobile apps. Through the app, video calls, audio calls, voice messages, text messages, media files, documents, etc. can be shared. You can also talk in groups through the app. A big advantage of this app is that many members can be added to its group. Like Facebook Messenger, ad stories can also be given on imo. As these apps have gained a lot of popularity, imo Beta has come to the Play Store as an updated version under the name of imo Plus at different times. Video calls and audio calls are easily available in the app. It is one of the best free calling apps for Android.

Some of the Best Free Calling Apps for Android

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3. Messenger

Messenger is under the popular communication medium Facebook. This app has the facility to make video audio calls for free. Although these apps are used relatively less for free calling. The app also has the feature of sharing text messages, voice messages, pictures, videos and many more.

Two users get the benefit of unlimited chatting together. This app is most popular for text messaging and voice messaging. Messenger apps came to the Play Store in 2014. Now the use of Facebook Messenger has increased a lot.

4. Skype

The use of Skype is above all in terms of using free calling apps. Like all apps, there are video audio calls as well as various file sharing systems. The Skype app came to the Play Store in 2010. The Skype app has unlimited chatting as well as group chatting. The advantage of screen share is a special advantage in bones. Which helps the user a lot.

This feature is not available in many apps. The network system is a little bad for them there is Skype Lite.

5. Viber

Viber has gained a lot of recognition around the world as a free calling app. Video calls and audio calls can be made easily using Viber apps. This app came in 2011 on Google Play Store. With this app, two users can easily establish communication system.

They can talk to him for free. Viber apps have features like text message voice message file sharing and documents can be shared very easily. These are some of the best free calling apps for Android.

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