Google is currently one of the world’s leading search engines. Google responds to about 40,000 searches per second. There are many of us who do not know how the Google search engine works. Today I will give a little idea about them.Some Explanations of How Google Works. We search with different keywords in Google search engine to get any information. Then Google brings ten websites on its first page based on the keywords you are searching for. 10 more websites on the second page. Leaving this continuity, Google continues to bring pages. Google brings these websites from its database. I will tell you more about how Google consistently brings websites. You may be wondering which websites Google brings to the front page and why.

Google has its own server. Thousands of websites have been submit to this Google server and are being submit regularly. When we use keywords to search for something. Then the first page shows 10 websites and the second, third and fourth pages are arranged in ten consecutive websites. If you search for digital marketing on Google. Then you can see that many websites are showing consistently. There will be 10 websites on the first page. Their digital marketing is serving properly. The ten websites that will come later are providing digital marketing services. You may be wondering how Google did it.

Why Google shows 10 websites on its first page. The main reason is SEO. Those of you who work on websites may or may not know what SEO is. In order to get your website on the first page of Google, you must do SEO. The websites that Google brings in front of us. Google does this in three steps.

Some Explanations of How Google Works

The First step

Google Robot captures the keyword in our database in a short period of time.

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The second step

When we search for something on Google, Google Robot separates all those keyword related websites from the Google database. That means we searched Google with that keyword. Google Robot separates those keyword related websites from all the websites stored on its server. Google robots do things in such a short time that we can’t imagine it.

The third step

This third stage is the most important work. From here, things get trickier for people with SEO. When Google Robot separates the search related keywords from its database, Google Robot uses algorithms in these websites. That is, it will show which website in the first position of the first page, which website will show in the second position of the first page or which one will show in the third position of the first page, or which website will be shown in which position step by step. To do this, Google applies a 200+ ranking factor to websites separated by a keyword searched on Google.

Websites that get the 200+ ranking factor in full will show this website in the first position of the first page. Consistently Google brings the rest of the websites in front of us in a very short time. The works fall into Google in such a short time that we don’t realize it. We probably didn’t know how Google works before. I gave you a little idea about this. Maybe you got an idea from here. Some Explanations of How Google Works.

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