The biggest discovery of the present age is the internet. We use the internet all the time and the internet has merged with our lives in such a way that it feels like it is a part of our life. Today I will discuss our unknown information about internet here.

Our Unknown Information about the Internet

What is the Internet

We people of almost all ages use the internet. But many of us do not know what the Internet is. The internet is like a fishing net. Simply put, we can be computers to the people inside the net. And we can have internet with fishing nets. These salts are scatter all over the world. It is because of the Internet that we can instantly communicate with people from one end of the earth to the other. The Internet makes the impossible possible.

Our unknown information about the Internet:

Number of Internet users

We might be surpris to know that about 7.3 billion people in the world use the Internet. Of the 7.3 billion people worldwide, 50% are Asian, using the Internet. What if the internet is off for a day? Think once. One day if the internet is off there will be about 200 billion emails and 5 billion Google data waiting.

If the Internet does not exist one day, the economic system of the whole world may be destroyed. We may not even be able to imagine it. Hey, the economic system can bring back hundreds of years.

Our Unknown Information about the Internet

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People deprived of internet

I mentioned earlier that about 7.3 million people worldwide use the Internet. But what we do know is the number of people deprive of the internet. We would be a little surpris to know that about 4 billion people are deprive of the Internet.

They are deprive of this facility call internet. A UN report found that many poor countries do not have Internet access. They are deprive of the benefits of this internet.

Most use on the internet

Many of us may know that the Chinese government has banned many websites in China, including Facebook and YouTube. But one thing we would be very surprised to know is that China has the most internet browsing in the world.

About 200 million people in China use the Internet. Which no other country can browse the internet so much. Moreover, this is possible because China has a larger population than other countries.

Internet speed

We almost all use smart phones. We can see the internet speed when we use the internet. If the internet speed is good then browsing anything is not a problem. At present, the government of every country has greatly improved the internet system. So that all people can enjoy the benefits of internet. Get the right internet speed with it.

Internet load shedding

We can use the internet at any time of the day or night if we wish. What comes to our mind is that every electronic thing needs electricity to run. So what electricity is need to run the internet. And if there is no electricity, then what will happen to the internet or what will happen to the internet then. Internet is also requir to run and electricity.

Worldwide, the Internet provides an uninterrupted supply of 50 million horsepower of energy to keep the system running. Which does not stop even for a second. So there is no load shedding on the internet. There is a lot more unknown information about the internet.

The first website

A website was created when the Internet was invented. This website still exists today. The world’s first website was created on August 6, 1991. However, the domain name of this website has been changed. The CERN team of the Computer and the European Organization for Nuclear Research has linked the website to their official website admin.

The first webcam

The University of Cambridge was the first to invent a webcam. The main reason for making it was to monitor the Trojan coffee pot. This website was placed in the K 128x128x grayscale peak cell. We know how useful webcam is to us nowadays.


204 million emails are exchanged on the Internet every minute. But one thing is very interesting that about 70 percent of these 204 million emails are spam emails. Most of us may not know that it takes about 200 electrons to exchange an email. From these we learned the unknown information from the internet.

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