Children are innately prone to imagination and curious. Video games are designed using these features of children. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of video games. This post is going to be very important for those who don’t know about video games.That’s why children love video games.

They may fall in love with us or their friends after watching these video games. Due to which they became addicted to video games at one time. These videos have such advantage aspects. There are also some difficulties. Manik Shishu is addicted to these games and concentrates on video games all the time. By doing so, their future life is ruined. But they do not understand it.

Advantages of video games

Learn More About the Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Games

1. There are many games in which you have to solve different puzzles to pass each step. In this way children can learn new things.

2. A study by Rochester scientists in New York found that when a player participates in a sport, he or she gains a better idea of ​​his or her surroundings. So when children play a variety of video games. Then he got some idea of ​​his surroundings. This gives them a better idea of ​​which way to use in the game. By doing this they gain skills about him.

3. A study by Deakin University in Melbourne found that children’s finerness in video games for preschool children enhances their metal skills. Grouping online games or video games enables adults or children to work in groups to solve a variety of problems.

4. If children are busy with various video games, health benefits are available such as pain in the body, mental frustration, emotional anger, aggressive, etc. aspects are reduced. At the University of Washington, a study by the American Pain Society found that children’s engagement in video games caused their heart rate and various receptors for depression to change in promising ways.

The disadvantage of video games

Learn More About the Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Games

Everything has such good aspects. It also has some downsides. Video game shows are no exception.
1. When children play a variety of online games, they have the opportunity to view a variety of aggressive content. After watching these contents, they have various mental and physical problems. Games like Call of Duty, Pubji, Free Fire are training children to shoot and kill online. This makes a difference in their gentle development.

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2. Any new technology makes us impatient and frustrated. These technologies make some parts of our brain dull. Which makes our lives risky. These parts of the brain have to stay fresh all the time. But these games make our brain useless.

3. When we can pass the level of a game. Then the secretion of a hormone called dopamine in our brain increases. Prolonged release of this hormone increases our energy towards video games. Which is a very harmful aspect for us.

Addicted to video games

One of the main symptoms of video game addiction is the feeling of restlessness and frustration with not being able to play games. Bevor is always thinking about the next level of the game. We know that we have to spend some money on these video games.

So we should be able to hold the reins of spending money on these video games. Moreover we should play games with a fixed time limit. It is better not to keep the devices in our bedroom or the device we play video games with all the time. We always have to keep in mind that we have to spend less time behind these.

Addicted to computer games

If those of us who have computers play computer games in an unusual way, then we will become addicted to computer games. A person addicted to computer games is always busy playing games on his computer. They always keep themselves away from their family and society.

From Bevor to the idea of ​​how to get to the next level in computer games by omitting various important family tasks. We should keep ourselves away from these games.From these we learned the details about the advantages and disadvantages of video games.

Games apps

At one time we used different CDs to play video games. But because of technology we no longer have to use CDs to play video games. This technology has brought out many effective ways to play video games on our mobile phones and computers.Those of us who play games may find that new video games come on the market almost every year.

Day by day everyone is getting addicted to video games so game development is bringing new games in the market. Moreover, at present it is seen that some phones are bringing new features in the market just for playing games. From these Learn More About the Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Games.

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