How to Turn on Vanish Mode of Facebook.  This is a new option of Facebook launche a few days ago. Facebook is currently the largest social media in the world.

Almost every person in the world uses Facebook. Facebook’s features have become the most popular. Because Facebook is constantly bringing new updates to their website.

Which Facebook users benefit from using. These features attract a lot of people’s minds. Facebook has come up with a new feature called vansih mode.

Hope everybody enjoys this feature. Those who want to know about this will read the whole article carefully.


You will need Update Messenger to launch this new feature on Facebook. It is very easy to any smartphone app.

Because there is an application for smartphone apps which is known as Play Store. Go to the Play Store and search for any app. You have to the updated messenger from here.

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Then you have to open Messenger. Once Messenger is , you have to login to your Facebook account there.

Rules for turning on vansih mode

First you need to enter Messenger. Then you have to click on any one ID. From there you have to click on the icon at the top.

Clicking there will bring up such an interface. A little further down you can see that the vansih mode option is there.

How to Turn on Vanish Mode of Facebook

You have to click on it to turn it on. We can easily turn on this option. You know how to turn on vansih mode.

What happens if you turn on vansih mode

I really like this option. I hope you like this option too. If you turn on the vansih mode option if you are chatting with him on messenger.

Then if he sends you a message and you see him once. Then that message will be deleted automatically. Which is why no one will understand what you said to him.

Because all the messages will be deleted with him. By doing this no one will be able to suspect you anymore. You won’t even understand who you’re talking to or what you’re doing. It can be said that it will give you a lot of security. How to Turn on Vanish Mode of Facebook.

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