How to turn off Facebook activity. Nothing on the Internet is considered secure. Because of the constant theft of information on the Internet. Facebook is currently a popular social media.

Almost every person in the world uses Facebook. Facebook brings some new updates for the users all the time. But many times these updates do not bring us benefits. Similarly, a new Facebook update is Facebook Activity.

This new feature has been added to Facebook. That’s why we usually collect information about important things like bank accounts on Facebook. And if for any reason this goes out of our control with Facebook. Then we may realize how much damage it can do to us. So we need to focus on this.

Otherwise, many of our secret information may fall into the hands of others. This article will be very helpful for those who do not know the exact subject. So read the whole article carefully.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a medium of communication. Through which we can communicate with each other very easily. Facebook has gained more popularity in such a short time for some of its features.

Nowadays, Facebook is much more popular than other social media. Through Facebook we can not only establish relationships with each other but also we can talk in video calls. We can exchange different types of files.

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Facebook is very popular and many people have started marketing here. Because most people are found together here. However, we know a lot of information theft from Facebook. That’s why it’s best not to give some personal information on Facebook.

Facebook recently came up with a new feature that allows us to store some of our personal information. By doing this we can face various losses. It is better to keep this option off.

How to turn off  Facebook activity

For this, first we have to login to Facebook. Once logged in to Facebook. You have to click on the three dot icon of Fire game on the right side of Facebook. From there, click on Settings.

1. If we click on the settings, we can see many options. 2. Going a little further down we can give an option called Off Facebook Activity. Here we have to click.

Some new options will come in front of us. 3. From here I will be able to give an option call More Options. We will see some new options again.

How to Turn off Facebook Activity

4. Click on Manage Future Activity option here. A new interface will appear. Click on the Manage Future Activity option again.

5. Click on the Future of Facebook Activity option from here. Then such an interface will come. Then you have to click on the turn off option.

How to Turn off Facebook Activity

we can feel that we have done our job perfectly. I found out how to turn off Facebook activity.

What kind of problem can there be

If we turn off Facebook activity. Then Facebook will store all the personal information we have here. This keeps a record of everything we do or don’t do. Even if we don’t want to, these records are stored by Facebook.

If for some reason our Facebook account goes to someone else. Then he will be able to know all these records very easily. From which they can easily get our personal information. Then we will not be able to bring back this information even if we want to.

In this way, along with our personal information, all the information in our bank account will be passed on to them. The importance of keeping our option off to avoid this loss is immense. Then we can easily learn about the off-Facebook activity from here.

Then we can easily understand everything from here. Just like everything on the internet benefits us, it also has some harmful aspects. Many of us may know how harmful these harmful aspects are to us. So we should be aware before facing these.