How to turn off auto play video on facebook. For those of you who don’t know about this, this post will be very helpful. Because through this post, we will discuss in detail about how to turn off auto video on Facebook.

So read the whole post carefully then you can easily turn off the auto play video. Currently Facebook is a popular social media. Almost every person in the world uses Facebook.

Facebook is constantly updating its users. We can also watch videos on Facebook like YouTube. Most of us who use Facebook don’t know about all the settings of Facebook.

Due to which we have to face different problems at different times. One of the many problems is the auto play video on Facebook. So let’s find out.


Facebook is the largest popular social media in the world. People of almost all ages in the world use Facebook. Facebook can communicate with each other very easily.

Due to which Facebook has gained a little more popularity. On Facebook we can enjoy a variety of entertainment in addition to communication. There are different types of videos available on Facebook like YouTube.

But one of the problems with these videos on Facebook is that they play automatically. This costs us extra data. Which often brings us an annoying feeling. Because the video we don’t watch gets played.

Rules for turning off Facebook’s auto play video

To turn off autoplay video, we will first need the official browser of Facebook. Because without this official browser we will not be able to do this.

So first we have to download the official browser of Facebook. Then you have to login to the official browser of Facebook. Once logged in to Facebook,

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you have to click on the three dot icon on the right. Here you can see many Facebook options.
1. From there you have to click on the setting option.

How to turn off auto play video on facebook
2. After clicking on the settings, I will see some new options again. Here we have to click on the Media and Contacts option.

How to turn off auto play video on facebook
3. I can see some options again. I can see an option called Auto Play at the bottom. Click there.

4. Finally click on the Never Autoplay Video option from here. From now on, Facebook videos will not play automatically.

So here we find out the details on how to turn off auto video on Facebook. Doing so will greatly reduce our data costs. Because playing these videos consumes a lot of data.

From now on we will be able to run Facebook smoothly. No video will be played. There are many more such settings on Facebook that many of us may not know.

Most people just use Facebook but don’t know much about its settings. If you encounter any problems while making these settings, please let us know in the comments. I will try to replay your comments.