How to share the screen in Facebook Messenger. Facebook has a new option through which we can share our skin. At present almost every person in the world uses Facebook.

You can share the screen of your device if you want while talking in a video call on Messenger. You can enjoy this new feature in Android and iOS apps. Also on desktop and web versions you can share the screen via messenger while talking in video calls.

Everything you do on your phone or computer during this time. It will be visible to anyone you talk to in a video call. This allows you to share everything on your phone with the person in your video call. This option was not available on Facebook before.

But a few days ago, Facebook brought this new feature for their users. He will benefit many by using it. This article will be very important for those who do not know about it. So read the whole article carefully.

How to Share the Screen in Facebook Messenger

It is very easy to share the screen in Messenger. To do this, the first thing to do is to download the latest updated Messenger. For this you can go to Plaster  the updated messenger.

How to Share the Screen in Facebook Messenger

Or you can go to Google, search for Update Messenger it. Screen can be shared with up to eight people at once while talking in a group on Messenger. However, more skin can be shared when creating a room to talk.

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You can share the screen with up to 16 people at a conference by messaging on Messenger. First you need to connect with someone in a video call on Messenger. Swipe from the bottom of the skin to the top during a video call. You can give there an option called Share Your screen.

From here you have to click on start sharing option. When you click on that option. Will then show you a warning message. This message will tell you that if you turn on the screen sharing feature called screen broadcasting, everything on your screen will be visible to others in the video call.

With it, others will be able to see the notifications in your notifications. If you want to turn off the notifications on the phone, then you have to turn on the disturb option. Otherwise, your notifications will be shared with everyone.

How to share screen on computer

How to share screen if you use Facebook on computer. When you’re on a video call with a friend or someone else. Then you can give video sharing option on your computer screen.

You can share the screen by clicking on that option. However, this option can be variable on the computer. So you will see when using it. And when you turn on the skin sharing option,

keep in mind that all the data on your skin but others can see. Keep this word in mind and share the screen.


Facebook is such a social media. Which is used by people of almost every age in the world. It has gained the most popularity due to its features.

Facebook authorities constantly bring new updates for the convenience of their users. There are many benefits to using these updates. Due to which Facebook has gained more popularity in a very short time.

In addition to talking in audio or video calls through Facebook, the screen can be shared through Facebook in a new way. A new option has been added on Facebook. This option is very effective for those of you who study in groups.

Because it enables one to easily explain things to others. Then you know how to share the screen in Facebook Messenger. This method is very simple which you have learned from here. Let us know in the comments how you like today’s articl.

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