Today I have brought a new post among you again. The post I brought to you today is how to give a nickname to Facebook. The present age is the modern age. People have changed themselves to keep pace with this era.How to give Nick Name on Facebook.

Which is why people are so advance today. Facebook is a popular social media nowadays. There is no one who does not know Facebook. Because everyone big and small uses Facebook. Facebook has become our daily companion. It can be said that Facebook works as a part of life. How much work we do not do through Facebook.

For the convenience of Facebook users, the founder of Facebook has taken Facebook to a much better level. So that people can do whatever they want, starting from entertainment.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is currently one of the most popular social media. Although there are many social media, Facebook is one of them. Because people benefit from using Facebook. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has taken Facebook to a platform that is unimaginable.

Facebook has improved a lot like people’s needs. There are things that are needed here. Some have set up their own businesses through Facebook. Again, someone is studying through Facebook. Someone is having fun on Facebook to spend their leisure time. The only way possible is to get everything together on Facebook.How to Give Nick Name on Facebook

How to Nick name on Facebook

When I use Facebook, I almost see that some names can be seen next to the name of the Facebook ID . The name that is basically seen with the ID name is the nick name. This nick name can be used by everyone we use on Facebook. You can change this nick name if you wish. If you don’t like it, you can delete it. Below is how to name Facebook Nick.

1. First you need to login to Facebook.
2. The home page of Facebook actually has to click on the profile from here.
3. Then go to Edit Profile and go to About.

4. Click the Others  name a little further down from here.

How to Give Nick Name on Facebook
5. Nick name will be write here, there will be an empty cell below it, give your nick name here. After nickname, you have to tick the following show at the top of profile. Then Nick will show the name next to the ID name.

How to Give Nick Name on Facebook
6. If you wish, you can change the nick name and delete it. You can change and delete as many times as you want. There is no obligation.

This nick name you can give any English Bengali. There is no problem in giving whatever you like.

Friends will let you know how you like the post by commenting. If you read the post well, you will understand everything. Wishing everyone well till today. Everyone will be fine and healthy.

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