There are many of us who use WordPress. They probably know how important seo is for a WordPress. Today we will discuss how to do SEO on WordPress website very easily. SEO is very important for every website. Because by doing SEO our website will rank. This post is going to be very important for those who don’t know about it. Because here I will talk about it in detail.

What is SEO?

This means search engine optimization. There are many of us who are wondering what will benefit us through this. Those of us who are bloggers must have made contact public on our website. Now if no one sees our content then visitors will not come to our website.

And if no visitors come to our website then our website will never rank. And if our website does not rank then all our troubles will go in vain.

What are the benefits of SEO?

When we search for something on Google, many websites come up in front of us with the keywords that we research. From there, we enter the first few websites. Websites that appear on the first page after searching on Google. Usually those websites have more traffic.

Now maybe we are thinking of bringing our website and the first page of Google. In order to bring our website to the first page of Google, we have to SEO our website and write the contact. Then our site will easily come from the beginning of Google.

Rules for installing plugins in WordPress Seo

First you have to login to the WordPress site. Once logged in, the WordPress dashboard will come up. From here, things get trickier in WordPress’s Three Dot menu. Click on the plugin option from here. Now you have to click on the Add New option here. From here to the search plugin.Plugin will come as soon as you type Yoast seo. You have to install it from here. Then you have to activate the plugin.

How to do SEO on WordPress Website very Easily

After installing the plugin on the website, we can see all the features of the Yoast seo plugin a little further down when we write any new content. How to write a post will be SEO friendly so now I will show.
1. First all the options here will show a red mark.

How to do SEO on WordPress Website very Easily
2. When we do SEO, our red symbols will turn green.

3. These options will tell you how to do SEO. We just have to do things accordingly.

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Then one day Yoast seo plugin will come with good text. Then we need to understand that our website has been SEO. The work is not a difficult one. We will understand if we read the post a little better. Moreover, this plugin will always help in doing SEO. Everything will be told where to use a word. At first it was a little hard, but if you do it a few times, it won’t feel so hard anymore. From here we can understand how to do WordPress website SEO very easily.

When we do SEO of our website. Then everything has to work according to SEO. Otherwise, there will be no red mark in SEO. As a result, good writing will not appear on our website. Good writing is not to say that our website is not fully SEO. So we have to keep this in mind so that good writing comes on our website. If you have trouble understanding something while doing our SEO, you can let me know by commenting. I will try to help you. So that you too can do SEO on your website.

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