Hello friends how are you all i hope you are all well Like every day, I have taken a new post among you today. You may understand in the title that we will discuss today. Yes friends, today I will show you how to permanently delete a Facebook account. We almost all use Facebook. This Facebook serves as a great medium of social communication. Today I will explain to you very easily how to delete a Facebook ID.

We all know that there are billions of Facebook users. We all know how to create a Facebook account. Because creating a Facebook account is very easy. But deleting a Facebook account is a little difficult and many people don’t know it. There are many of us who have multiple Facebook IDs. Many times it is necessary to delete the Facebook ID. But we don’t know how to delete a Facebook account. So let’s get startWorld

How to delete Facebook Account

1. First you have to login to the Facebook ID that will be deleted.
2. Once logged in, you have to go to settings from Facebook home page.

How to Delete Facebook Account

3. After clicking on the settings, many options will come up. From these options, click Account Ownership and Control.

How to Delete Facebook Account

4. Then a new page will appear. It will have three options. Click deactivation and deletion from here.

5. Then again two options will come up. Click delete account from here. Then click continue below.

6. Some new options will come again. You do not have to do anything with these options. Just click continue to account deletion from here.

7. There will be two options. If you want, you can download all the information and photos from your Facebook account. And if you do not want to click delete account.

How to Delete Facebook Account

8. Then a new page will appear. On this page you have to click continue with the password of your Facebook account.

9. Then click on Delete Account. Then your account will be deleted.

If you delete the account. Who will not show this account on Facebook. Even if someone searches, it will not come to the account. Facebook account will be deleted forever. After deleting the account, you will not be able to restore the account even if you want to. So when deleting an account, I think it would be better to delete everything thoughtfully.

Why delete the account

There are currently no people who do not use Facebook. Almost everyone from small to big uses Facebook. Also a person has more than one Facebook ID. They have often created Facebook ID for various reasons. Many times it is necessary to delete the Facebook ID for security reasons. But we do not know how to delete Facebook ID. Moreover, many times we need to delete some important information in our Facebook ID.

Then we will delete the Facebook ID. But one thing to keep in mind is that if you delete the Facebook ID in this way, the Facebook ID can never be brought back. So before deleting Facebook ID, you should think about it again and again. Today I have explained to you in a very nice way how to delete a Facebook ID. If you read the post carefully, I think there will be no problem in understanding.

Even then, if you have trouble understanding somewhere, let me know by commenting. I slowly said a lot and now it is my turn to return. If there is any mistake in my words, it will be forgiven. Moreover, nothing can be learned if it is not wrong. Lessons should be learned from mistakes. I wish everyone well. Everyone will be fine and healthy.

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