TikTok is a popular short video sharing platform. People around the world now use it. This post will tell you how to permanently delete a TikTok account. There are many of us who use Tiktok. But I don’t know how to delete the account. This post is for them.

This post will explain how to delete it very easily. Creating a tiktok account is as easy as deleting one. It launched in 2016. This app gained a lot of popularity in a very short time. One of the most used is young people. With the help of this app, young people used to earn some money by sharing their short videos.

Download Tik Tok Apps

It is very easy to download any app with Android phone. Because there is an application on Android phone, its name is Play Store. Here all the apps of Android phone are available. Those of us who do not have Tik Tok apps can download them from here.

Tiktok account delete

Many of us have their Tiktok account. We need to delete this Tiktok account for some special reason. But there are many who do not know how to permanently delete a Tiktok account. This post will help them a lot.

1. First you need to log in to the TikTok account. When you enter, you will see that there is an option called me. You have to click on this me option.

2. Clicking on me will bring up the tiktok account profile. From here you have to click on manage my account option.

3. Now some new options will come. From here, you have to click on the delete account option at the very bottom.

4. Now click on continue. Here you can ask for the username and password of Facebook. If you want username and password, you have to give it.

How to Delete a TikTok Account Permanently
5. Now you have to click on the delete account option.

How to Delete a TikTok Account Permanently

Now if you do not login to the account for 30 days, then the tiktack account will be permanently deleted. However, if you login to this account again before 30 days. Then the account will be active again.

Advantages and disadvantages of tik tok apps

TikTok is a popular app on Android phones. This allows short videos to be created. This app has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time. The reason is that you can make money through these apps. This is done by uploading short videos to the TikTok account. At first everyone in this app to upload fairly good shot videos. But now some of the TikTok users are starting to upload pornographic videos.

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Due to which it has been banned in many countries. That is why ticking is no longer going to be used in those countries. There are many more apps like Tik Tok apps that can share short videos. Bad videos are uploaded to those apps like before. Which is why short video sharing apps are thinking of banding. Because of these apps, many young people are ruining their lives.

But they understand that they are being destroyed day after day because of this. Many young women are facing a lot of harassment due to uploading these videos. Which is why many people are thinking of deleting this tiktok account. If we read this post carefully, we can easily delete the tiktok account permanently.

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