Friends how are you all Hope everybody is well. I always bring new posts among you. Even today he is no exception. Today I will show you how to create a WhatsApp account. WhatsApp is a popular mobile application. It allows audio calls, video calls and group calls. WhatsApp provides much more security than other apps. That’s why the popularity of this app is so high.

Rules for install WhatsApp

We almost all use smartphones. Installing apps from this smartphone is very easy. Because these smartphones have an app called Play Store. Go to the Play Store and search for any app. You have to go to the Play Store of this smartphone and search by typing WhatsApp. WhatsApp application must be installed. Once installed, you need to open the app.

How to create a WhatsApp account

There are some rules for creating all accounts. Here’s how to create a WhatsApp account.

1. Where to enter inside whatsapp and click on agree and continue.

2.Then a new page will appear. On this page you have to select the country and give the phone number. When giving phone number, you have to give the number by subtracting zero. Then click on the next option.

How to Create WhatsApp Account
3. Now to check the number, Edit and OK option will come again. If the number is wrong, edit it and if it is correct, click ok.
4. It will take one minute to verify your number, at which time your phone will receive a verification code. Verify with the verification code.
5. Then click Continue. Then if you want Allow, lock it.
6. Now you will click on the next option with your name.
7. Now go to settings from WhatsApp and click on account.
8. Here you will take your picture and about.

How to Create WhatsApp Account

WhatsApp and some other good aspects

This app is the best app for talking online. When talking with the app, the words can be heard clearly. The picture becomes much clearer when talking in a video call. Which is a lot better than other Apple. Other apps don’t have good quality pictures and call clear like these apps. You can also talk in groups with these apps. There are no apps that anyone can join while talking in a group.

But not everyone can join this app. Which provides our security. There are many apps from which our personal photos or videos can be hacked very easily. In doing so, we have to face various dangers. The latter is what puts pressure on our family. So I think it is best to use WhatsApp from other apps.

Then friends are no more today. I am saying many things. If there is any mistake in saying, you will look at it with forgiveness. Because people are just wrong. Again, it is learned from mistakes. Stay tuned to my new blog and visit every day to get new posts.

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