Friends how are you all i hope you are well I always bring something new among you. Even today he is no exception. Today I will show you how to create a Twitter account. It is a popular social media. Twitter was founde in 2006. Twitter is based in San Francisco, USA.

Most people in the world now use Twitter. Twitter is a lot like Facebook. Various informational picture songs can also be uploade on Twitter. Sharing something on Facebook is call status but sharing something on Twitter is call tweet.

There is a limit of characters when giving status on Facebook. But there is a limit of 280 characters on Twitter. Around 350 million people worldwide currently use Twitter.

Twitter apps

The present age is the modern age. In this age everyone uses more or less smart phones. Almost all types of work can be done through smartphone. Smartphone apps are very easily available. Because there is an application call Play Store on the smartphone.

If you go to this application and search for any apps, it will come up. To install Twitter apps, Play Store and search. Once the app is gone, you have to install the app from there. Once install, you need to open the apps.

Rules for create accounts

How to Create Twitter Account.

1. After installing  and opening the app, first you have to click on the gate account.

How to Create Twitter Account2.Now you have to click on Twitter account name, phone number or Gmail and date of birth. If the Twitter name, phone number or Gmail is correct, a tick mark will appear.

How to Create Twitter Account

3. Your Twitter name phone number will come again. You will click singup.

4. The verification code will go to the phone number or Gmail you have given. You have to do the verification with the code.

How to Create Twitter Account

5. Now you have to enter the password of the Twitter account. Click on Next with the password.

6. A new page will appear. You will be asked to select the photo of the Twitter account. Select the photo and click on Next.

Even then some options will come, they are optional. You may or may not give them if you want. If not, click Skip for now. Then your Twitter account was created.

Twitter’s advantage

Most stomach users are celebrities. They tweet on Twitter all the time. Many people do marketing through Twitter. The content of any song can be shared on Twitter. The biggest people in the world tweet all the time on Twitter. Which is why Twitter is so popular.

Many people in our country use Twitter. But less than in other countries. People in our country use Facebook more. However, the number of Twitter users in our country is increasing day by day. Because with the help of smart phone, everything is within reach. Most of the celebrities in our country use Twitter. Seeing them, ordinary people are showing more interest in Twitter.

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