Friends how are you all Hope everybody is well. I’m fine too. Today I have brought a new post among you. Today I will show you how to create a telegram account. In the present age, people want to do everything sitting at home. how to create telegram account.

This has been possible only because of modernity. Telegram is basically an app similar to WhatsApp. However, you have to pay a certain amount to use WhatsApp. But there is no charge for using Telegram apps. WhatsApp is more secure than other apps but not as secure as Telegram. Moreover on WhatsApp we sometimes notice that some ads show up. But there will be no advertisement in Telegram apps.

This is a good thing for us. Telegram apps are made by two Russian brothers. Telegram apps are so secure that anyone who breaks their security will be rewarded. Then it is understood how secure telegram apps are. One downside is that it has no audio audio voice call option.

Telegram Apps

Everyone knows that installing apps from smartphones is very easy. Because there is no need to bother. There is an application on the smartphone called Play Store. If you go to the Play Store and search by typing the name of any app in the search box, the app will come up.

To install the Telegram app, go to the Play Store and search by typing Telegram, the app will come up. You have to install from the apps from here. Once install, you need to open the apps.

Rules for creating a telegram account

We know that every account has some special rules to create. There are also some special rules for creating the Telegram app.

1. First you need to open the Telegram apps and click start messaging.

How to Create Telegram Account
2. Then a new page will appear. Country Sylhet has to be done on this page. Select the country and click on the arrow with the phone number below.

3. The number given will go to a verification code. You have to verify with this code. Once the verification is done, a new page will appear.

4. On this page you have to give the first name and last name of your telegram account. Here you have to select the profile picture of Telegram ID. However, even if you do not give a profile picture. Then click on the to create telegram accoun.

Then it became your telegram account. Now with this account you can send messages like WhatsApp with Safe. Telegram apps allow you to exchange messages much faster than other apps. 1 GB of progenitor data can be transferred to Telegram.

Slowly I have come to the end, not today. If there is a mistake in the words, you will look at it with forgiveness. I wish everyone well. Stay well, stay healthy.

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