I hope everyone is well. I have appeared again with a new post among you. The current era is the era of information technology. In this era, communication has been made much easier. In these media, one can talk to each other through video conferencing. One of these mediums is Skype. today’s post I will show you how to create a Skype account.

To communicate on Skype, you must first have a Skype account. There are many people who can’t create a skype account. Today’s post is for those who can’t create a Skype account.

To create a Skype account, you first need to perform some tasks. You can use Skype account by doing those things. So let’s get started without delay.

Skype Apps

Skype apps can be easily install with the help of smart phone. Because we know that smartphones have an application called Play Store. Go to the application and search for any apps. It is difficult to find apps. If you go to the Play Store  and search by typing Skype,

Skype apps will come up. It needs to be install. Once install, you need to open the apps. Skype apps cannot be used just by installing and open. You need to create an account to use Skype apps.

Rules for create a Skype account

How to create a skype account. One is by going to the Skype website and the other is through the Skype apps. Today I will show you how to create a Skype account through Skype apps.
1. As soon as you enter the Skype apps, you have to click on Let’s Go.

How to Create Skype Account

2. Then a new page will appear. This page has the word sing in or create.

How to Create Skype Account 3.Now you have to click on No Account Create One.

How to Create Skype Account

4. The page that will come here, you can use your phone number or your Gmail if you want. I will use the phone number here. Click on Next with the phone number.

5. Now you have to enter the password of Skype account here. Click on Next with the password.

6. Now you have to use Skype’s first name and last name on this new page. Click on Next with First Name and Last Name.

7. Now the activation code will go to the number you are using on Skype. Click on Next with this code here.

8. Now click on continue. Then it became your Skype account.

So now you can easily create a Skype account. I don’t think you will have trouble making it anymore. And if you run into problems, you can create by looking at the post.

Use of Skype

In other countries such as Skype is used. Skype is used in our country. But I think it uses a little less than other countries. Because in this modern age everyone uses everything as they like. Not everyone likes Skype. Which is why not everyone uses it. However, Skype is much better than other apps. Because Skype has a lot of security. In addition to using Skype, many big businesses use it for conferences. This protects the security of their business. Those who need a lot of communication security can be Skype or. It is the best means of communication for them.

Speaking of which, I have come to the very end. Let us know how you like the post by commenting. One of your comments inspires us more. To bring new posts. So comment on the post and they will let you know in the comments which post you want to get. Stay tuned to my blog to get more new posts. I am ending here wishing everyone well.

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