At present, Facebook is a very popular communication medium all over the world. Especially young people use Facebook more. For the convenience of Facebook users, new options are constantly add on Facebook. Many of us may have notice that there is a new option on Facebook call Create Room. So let’s get started on how to create a room in Facebook Messenger.

It allows you to bring up to 50 video calls at once. You may know that there are currently no more than three to four people in a group on Facebook who can come up with a video call. So Facebook has given this new option so that you can join with many people. This option has zoom apps. Those of you who use zoom apps may know. 50 people can join together in Zoom Apps.

How to make a room

First you need to login to Facebook. Facebook’s home page is actually an option we can see called Create Room. Many may not be showing this option. If you need to update their Facebook, you can see this option.

1. Click on the Create option.

How to Create Room on Facebook Messenger
2. Then some new options will appear. From here you need to click on Room Activity.

3. Here it will show what kind of room you want to create. You can choose your choice from here. If you don’t like it, you can click on New and give it the name you want. Then click on Save.

How to Create Room on Facebook Messenger
4. Now you will have two options. You can choose the option you like. Then click on Save.

How to Create Room on Facebook Messenger
5. Then click on Next.
6. Now you will add the people you want to add to the room.
From here, you can easily understand how to create a room in Facebook Messenger.

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The advantage of using Facebook

Once the room is created, you can copy the link of the room from here. Anyone can add to your group through this link. Those who do not use Facebook can also be added to the room in this Facebook Messenger. The link to your room will be added to this room by whoever you give it to. If you wish, you can add someone from this room and remove them from the room again.

If you don’t talk to the person in the room, you can’t talk to them anymore. Again, if you wish I could bring him to talk to the room now, you can do that too. A lot can be said to do everything you want in this room.

With the addition of this new option on Facebook, Facebook users will now be able to talk very easily by creating a room in Facebook Messenger. I really like this option. I think you will also like this option if you use it.

If you read this post carefully, you will easily understand how to create a room in Facebook Messenger. It’s easy to understand once you see. I am slowly saying a lot today. You can let me know what you want to get in the next post by commenting. Then I can bring your post. Wishing everyone well, I am ending here. Everyone will be fine and healthy.