The present age is the modern age. So everyone wants to live with modernity. The use of social media is constantly increasing. The biggest reason for the use of social media is the Internet and smart phones. Today I will show you how to create an Instagram account. This account can be easily create.

This has been made possible by the availability of internet and smart phones in the morning. Currently there are many social media. Instagram and one of them. The use of Instagram is increasing day by day.

Instagram’s work

We all use almost all Facebook. Instagram is another social media. This Instagram is a social media. Friend requests cannot be sent on Instagram like on Facebook. Instead there are follow options here. If someone follows him, if he follows him back, he becomes a friend.

Then you can like, comment and share on Instagram like Facebook. Then he can talk to his friend. Instagram is used by people all over the world like Facebook. The Instagram app is one of the most popular apps right now.

 install Instagram

We all use smart phones. These smartphones are Android powered smartphones. Its apps can be install very easily with smartphones. The reason is that smart phones have an application called Play Store. If you go to the application and search by typing the name of any app, the app will come up.

To install Instagram, go to the Play Store and search by typing Instagram, the app will come up. Once the app is gone, you have to click on install. Once the app is install, you have to open it.

Rules for create an Instagram account

1. When you open the Instagram app, you will see that your Facebook account is showing. If you want to add to your Facebook account here, then click on Facebook account. And if you want to create a new account, then you have to click sign up email or phone number. Since everyone has a Facebook account, I am showing you with a Facebook account.

How to Create Instagram Account
2. Welcome to Instagram will show the username below. If you do not like the name, you have to click on the name of the change your username. Then you have to click on Next.

How to Create Instagram Account3. Now remember password will show. Here you can also skip OK.
4. Then a lot of follow options will come from here. Now people have to click on the suggestions arrow.

How to Create Instagram AccountThen your Instagram is ready. Now with Instagram account you can talk to your friends like Facebook by sharing comments and messages. Instagram does not have the ad friend option like Facebook but has the follow option. If you want to make friends with someone, click on follow. If someone follows you, you will become a friend only if you follow him back. So today I showed you how to create an Instagram account very easily.

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