Friends, how are you all? I hope you are all well. Those of us who use smart phones. They almost all know about imo apps. There are very few people who do not know about emo. Imo is an app that allows us to talk on video calls or audio calls. We can also talk in groups on imo.Today I will show you how to create an imo account.

There are many more apps like imo apps on smartphones. However, most people use this app to talk. Because this app is very easy to use. And it is not so difficult to create an account. Yes, friends, you must understand what I have brought among you today. I will try to explain as simply as possible.

Imo apps

We can install imo apps very easily. Because there is an application called Play Store on Android phone. We can install almost all types of apps through the application. If we go to the Play Store and search by typing imo.

Then emo apps will come. Click on imo Install from here. Then the emo apps will start installing. Once install, it will be installed. Once installed, you will understand that the install is complete.

Imo account create

I think creating the most emo account is easy. Because there is nothing in it that no one will understand how to create an imo account.
1. First you have to open the imo apps.
2. When the app is open, you will first select your country. Then click on the tick mark with the number to open the imo account.

How to Create Imo Account 3. Then it will come. If your number is wrong then click on edit. If the number is correct then click OK.

How to Create Imo Account 4.The number that you have given will go to the verification code and verify with that code.

5. Now click on Edit Profile. Give the profile picture and name of the imo. Then it is time to create your imo account.

How to Create Imo Account

The advantage of using imo

The biggest advantage of using Imo is that everyone can create this account. It doesn’t take much work to make it. Through this we make video calls and audio calls. Most people are benefited by the way it is used. Almost everyone knows about the relationship as it is used by everyone. Due to which there is no need to face any problem.

Some bad aspects of imo

We know that everything has such good aspects. There are also some bad aspects. Emu has some bad aspects. We use imo without. They must see that there are some groups in Imo. Displays a lot of bad things in groups. Because of this many people in our society are being ruined. We should avoid these groups. Then we are also addicted to it.

Friends, I am talking a lot today. If there is any mistake in the words, you will look at it with forgiveness. I am ending here wishing everyone well.

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