In this age of technology people always want to be connect with technology. Because technology has made people’s lives easier. Because of technology, people are saving time and working less. Today I will show you how to create a Gmail account.

Gmail is currently the most popular software platform. There are many things associate with a Gmail. Gmail is one of the best software for business people and freelancers. The best thing about a Gmail account is that it can be create for free. It is also very easy to use. Moreover, the life of the smart phone that we use at the present time can be call Gmail.

Because if Gmail is not used on a smartphone. Then that smartphone is almost useless. A popular Play Store app on smartphones. If you don’t use Gmail in this Play Store, you won’t be able to download apps from there.
So friends, why are you late? Let’s get start.

Gmail account create

Many of us may not know that Gmail account is basically a Google account. It is controlled by Google itself. You can choose any browser to create a Gmail account first. But in my opinion it is best to use Chrome. Go to Chrome browser and type

1. Gmail’s homepage will appear in front of you. Since you will create a new account, you have to click on Create Account.

2. Click on Create Account option and you will see two options. From here, if you personally use Gmail, you have to click on for yourself. And if you have a business account, then what to do in business.

3. Then a new page will appear. Here you have to enter the first name of the Gmail ID, last name, user ID of the Gmail account, and finally the password of the Gmail account. After giving the password, you have to click on Next.

How to Create Gmail Account

4. Then on this page you select your country. Click on Next with your phone number.

How to Create Gmail Account
5. Then you will get a verification code from Gmail to that number. With that code your Gmail account will be verified.

6. Now you have to enter your date of birth in your Gmail account. Then select the gender and click on Next.

How to Create Gmail Account
7. Then click on Yes i’m.

8. Then a page will come. This page has some conditions of Google and they are written about. You can read it if you want. At the end I have to click on I agree.

Then it’s time to create your Gmail account. Now you can use Gmail for anything you want.

Some benefits of Gmail

Once your Gmail is created, you can use it as a cloud. Because up to 15 GB of data can be stored in a Gmail. It can be done for free. You can increase it further if you want. But for that, Gmail has to make some payment. You can save your contact number in this Gmail.

Usually that information is exchanged in Gmail. That is the safest. There is nothing safer than this. Google controls it. This is especially safe for those who do freelance or business. Their information never ends with this Gmail. That’s why Gmail accounts are so popular.

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