In this age of information technology, Facebook is a great social media. We all use Facebook. We can easily communicate with each other through Facebook. For Facebook users, Facebook authorities are always updating some new dance features on Facebook. So that Facebook users can enjoy many opportunities. Today I will show you how to create Avatar on Facebook. There are many things we can do using these features. When our friend post something on Facebook, we make different comment on thir post. Many times we use stickers in the comments.

Avatar has updated Facebook as the new sticker. Many of us may see that our friends have commented on the Avatar sticker in our comment box. But we can’t comment on the stickers again. Today I will teach you very easily how we can send Avatar stickers in the comment box of our friends. These Avatar stickers are new to Facebook. Today I will show you how to rebuild Facebook.Avatar can be created in two ways on Facebook. I will tell you today how to create Facebook Avatar from the comment box of Facebook.

Create Facebook Avatar

We will get the new feature only in this application which has Facebook application. Many of us use Facebook Lite or different browsers. What these apps can not do Facebook Avatar. Of course we will use the official browser that Facebook has.

1. You must login to your Facebook, you must login to the Facebook browser.
2. Facebook’s home page is actually gone. Click on any comment from here.
3. After clicking on the comment, you can give such a sticker Click here.

4. Now many sticker options will come. From here you have to click on this new sticker.

5. A new page will appear here. On this page you have to click on the make your avatar option.

How to Create Facebook Avatar
6. Now your skin tone will show here. From here you will choose your choice. Now you have to click on Next.

How to Create Facebook Avatar

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7. Now your hairstyle will show. From here, choose the hairstyle of your choice and click on done.

How to Create Facebook Avatar
8. This is how it will come from here you will click on Next. 9. Use your avatar comment Click here done.

Now your work is over. It’s time to create your avatar. If you want, you can try Avatar from here and give Facebook profile picture. Again, if you want, you can give it an address, this option will also show you.

Now you too can send Avatar sticker in the comment box like your friend. These stickers are much more beautiful than the previous stickers. I think almost everyone will like these stickers. Today I understood very easily among you how to create an avatar on Facebook.

From now on we will be able to send avatar stickers in the comment box of our Facebook friends. Time we can also enjoy with them some funny stickers.

You can easily understand if you read my sister’s post carefully. That’s how to create a Facebook app. Even then, if you have any problem understanding, you can let me know by commenting. I will try to help you.

Thanks for read this post.