How are you all friends I hope you are all well. I’m fine too. Like every day, I have received a new post from you. The post I have come to you today is how to create a Facebook account. At present almost all of us are using Facebook. This has been possible because of technology.So friends, today I will show you how to create a Facebook account.

Day by day people are moving towards technology. I think creating a Facebook account is very easy. Because you don’t need anything to make this now. If you have an email or a phone number, you can create a Facebook account. However, we have to follow some rules when creating a Facebook account.

Rules for creating a Facebook account

To create a Facebook account, you first need to turn on the data connection on your phone. Then you have to choose any browser of your phone. Go to the browser and go to facebook.

1. Since you will create a new account, you have to click on Create new Account.

How to Create Facebook Account
2. New interface will come. Click here next.
3. Then a new page will appear again. Here you can give two options first name and last name. Here you have to give your Facebook ID first name and last name. Then you have to click on Next.

4. Then some new options will come again. Here you can use either your phone number or email. I will use email here. Then click on Next.

How to Create Facebook Account
5. Now you have to use your date of birth here. I will click on Next with your date of birth.

6. A new interface will appear again. You will be asked to select your gender here. You will select your gender and click on Next.

7. Now you have to enter the password of the Facebook account here. When using a password, remember that the password is a little difficult. And remember the password you will use.

8. Now a code will be sent from Facebook to your email or any number you have used for Facebook.
9. You will verify Facebook with that code. Click on next.

It was good to create your Facebook account. I thought almost everyone could create a Facebook account. It is not a difficult task.

Facebook account

Once the Facebook account is created. First you need to send some friend requests. Then you have to go to your account and give some personal information. You need to set the profile picture cover photo etc. of your Facebook account.

If you want to lock your profile, you have to lock it. If your profile is locked, no one but your friend will be able to access your profile. After creating a Facebook home, you will set the tasks that you like on Facebook. Falling here will no longer be a problem. If you create a new Facebook account, you will receive some friend requests and you will accept them.

I am saying many things today. Friends, you can let me know what you want to get in the next post by commenting. I can post to you about that. In the end, I wish everyone well, everyone will be well and healthy.

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