WhatsApp is a great medium of social communication at present. It is used by people all over the world. Almost all of us who use smart phones know about these apps. Video call audio calls can be made through this WhatsApp. Moreover, it is possible to talk in groups. This app has some special features. Which includes other social media. It can be used to share voice calls, documents, photos, videos, etc. WhatsApp security is much better than other apps. Which is why most young people use this app. It has a secret feature.Which many of us may not know. Here I will tell you how to backup WhatsApp messages.

Maybe many of us can’t do it. But this work can be done very easily. Then let’s talk about work without delay.

Download WhatsApp

Those of us who use smart phones can easily download any app. Because we have an application on our smartphone called Play Store. All the apps of the smartphone are easily available in this application. To download WhatsApp apps, go to the Play Store and search by typing WhatsApp apps and the apps will come up. From there you have to click on install. Then the apps will start downloading.If you download the app, you have to open it. And those who do not have a WhatsApp account will have to create a WhatsApp account.

Rules for backing up messages

First you have to open the app. When the app is open, you have to click on its settings. After clicking on the settings, an option called chats will appear. Click here. Many new options will come again. A little further down from here you can actually see an option called chat backup. You have to click on this option. Now I will talk about the works that need to be read with a little attention. Because there is little to do here.

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1. First we need to click on this option backup to Google drive. Now I can see some new options here. You have to make a choice from here.

How to Backup WhatsApp Messages, myprotrick.com
2. Now google account, you have to click on this option. Then we have to give Gmail account here. And if we don’t have Gmail account. Then you need to create a Gmail account. If you want to allow while giving Gmail account, you have to allow.

How to Backup WhatsApp Messages, myprotrick.com
3. Now you have to click on the backup up over option. From here you have to select the wifi or cellular option.

How to Backup WhatsApp Messages, myprotrick.com

If we have a video on WhatsApp, we need to back it up. Then you have to turn on the Include video option. Now all we have to do is click on the Backup option. Then our data will start backing up. Wait a minute and it will be 100%. Then our WhatsApp messages will be backed up. If we read the article with a little attention. Then I can do this very easily. Because this is not a difficult task. So from here we understand how to backup whatsapp messages. If there is any problem while doing this work, you can let me know by leaving a comment.

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