How are you all Hope everybody is well. Nowadays we all use smartphones. Smartphones are available for less money so now everyone can see smartphones in their hands. With these smartphones we can do everything easily in a day. It can said that this smartphone has brought everything with in our reach. Today I have come up with a new application from time to time.Best youtube video watching player.

The name of this application is YouTube Venus. The real fun of YouTube can be found with this Vance app. Smartphones have many applications. Which can be used with YouTube. But to me this app is a little different from everyone else.

Use of smartphones

Our work has become much easier because of the availability of smartphones. We use smart phones in our daily work. We can read magazines with the help of smart phone while sitting at home. Office work can be done at home using  smart phone. We can talk to people from any part of the world sitting at home with smart phone if we want. We can get entertainment on this smartphone. The quality of our life journey has improved a lot in the hope of smartphones.

Rules for YouTube Vance

We use the Play Store to install smart phone applications. But there are some apps that are not available in the Play Store. One such application is YouTube Vance. To install this application, first go to the Chrome browser of the smart phone. Search in google youtube vance and  to install. Once the application is install, you will have to install the application. Once the application is installed, open it. The application looks a lot like YouTube.

The advantage of using YouTube Vance

All of us who use smart phones are familiar with YouTube. We use YouTube almost all the time. But we can’t do two things together when using YouTube. Many people think that it would be better if YouTube and other applications could be used. This app is just for them.

If you click on the home button of the smart phone while using this application. Then YouTube will continue to run in the Vance background. You can do anything with this application in the background. It is better to keep the application in the background while listening to music.

Best youtube video watching player
The disadvantage of YouTube Vance

We know that all things have such good aspects as Ray. There are also some bad aspects. There are some downsides to creating apps. You will not be able to download anything offline using it. You will also not be able to like, comment and subscribe to YouTube with the application. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

The app seemed a little better to me through the good bad bad. So I am talking to you about the application. Friends will let me know how you like this app by commenting. Hope to stay with my site to get more new new posts.Best youtube video watching player.

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