Hello friends how are you all i hope you are well I have brought a new post among you like every day. The post I brought to you today is how to create a Viber account. Online based communication systems are very popular nowadays.

This is because this online based communication can be use to talk audio and video calls at the same time. Any video, audio and picture can be exchanged. You can also talk through grouping through this app. One of the good things about this is that you can add a lot of people to the group and talk to them all at once. There are many such online communication apps at present. Anyone who likes online apps uses that app.

Viber apps Install

Most of the people nowadays use this smartphone. These smartphones offer a lot of benefits to people. These smartphones are basically make to provide benefits to people. It’s easy to install any app from a smartphone. Because these smartphones have an application called Play Store. Here all the apps of the smartphone are store. If someone goes to the Play Store and searches for any app, that app comes up.

To install the Viber app, go to the Play Store and search by typing Viber. You have to imstall it from there.Those who will use Viber on laptop or computer will go to Google and search by typing Viber, then the app will come and install from there.

Account creation rules

Once the Viber app is install, you need to open it. You must turn on your internet connection when creating a Viber account.
1. Welcome to Viber text will appear when you first enter the Viber app. You can see below that there is a continuum text, you have to click there.

How to Create a Viber Account
2. This time a new page will appear. In this page you select your country and below that you will give the phone number to the number you want to create Viber account. Then click on continue.

How to Create a Viber Account

3.Then your number will be shown again to check your number and below it there will be edit and yes option. If your number is incorrect, click Edit. If the number is correct, come and click. Then allow will come, click on allow.

4. Then a pincode or a call will come to your number for verification then verification will be done automatically.

How to Create a Viber Account
5. Now click here to tick the name of your Viber account with your date of birth and Gmail ID to create your Viber account.

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You can set your profile picture in Viber account if you want. For this you have to click die. Then you can set your profile picture by clicking where your account name will show. Here you can add Viber account to your contact number if you want. Or you can add by clicking invite friend. Fiber has an option called sticker market. Here you will find numerous stickers. You need to download the stickers to use these stickers.

You can easily understand once you read the post. If you want, like other apps, you can also talk on Viber account by grouping in video audio call. Up to 250 members can be added to a group on Viber.